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 Meeting Between light an neutral(Private for now)

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Shinji Kuneoketsu


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PostSubject: Meeting Between light an neutral(Private for now)   Mon Jul 21, 2008 7:08 am

Shinji enters the audience chamber waiting to be greeted by Kirux. This time he had his zanpaukto with him rather than with the guards. Mostly because he didn't cause much trouble the last time they decided to let him keep his zanpaukto this time. Unlike the last he was here, Shinji was determined to get the information needed by any means necessary. Though he would rather have good terms with this nation, but the information he wanted was his prime concern. He started whistling the halrem globe trotters theme and started passing around the room with his zanpauk to sheathed in his hand.

ooc: sorry for the really short entry post
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Meeting Between light an neutral(Private for now)
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