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 Rules and Template

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PostSubject: Rules and Template   Wed Jul 09, 2008 6:23 am


1.Obviously no god-modding.

2.Do not use your character without approval.

3.You can have two characters. 1 post=1 character 300 posts=2 character 2500 posts=play as both characters in one post.

4.Follow the template.You will not be approved if you don't.

5.Everything that can be made long must be at least 2 1/2 lines long.

6.You may not rp with yourself using your 2 characters and no one else.

7.3 elements to begin with.


1 post= 3 elements

300 posts= 4 elements

600 posts=5 elements

1000 posts=6 elements

That is the limit for now.


Name:(Character name.Try to make it the same as your account name to avoid confusion.)

Age:(How old are you?Humans can only be 110 or below unless specified otherwise.)

Birthday:(This site is based in the 2300's so anytime before that,unless time travel is involved.)

Elements:(What is your characters three elements?)

Transportation:(How does your character get around?)

Family:(Does your character have any family members?)

Race:(What is your characters race?)

Alignment:(Is your character dark, light, or neutral?)

Weapons:(What does your character fight with?)

Appearance:(What does your character look like?Must be at least 2 1/2 lines long.)

Specialties:(What is your character good at?2 lines)

Weaknesses:(What is your character weak against?2 lines)

Fighting Style:(What is your characters fighting style?2 1/2)

Personality:(How does your character act?2 1/2 lines minimal)

Relationships:( Does your character have any relationships going on?)

Favorite Food:(What does your character like to eat/drink?4 things allowed max)

History:(What was your characters life like before the invasion?What are his/her plans now?4 lines minimum.)

Pictures:(Optional, but helps understand the character's looks more.)
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Rules and Template
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