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 Shinji Kuneoketsu

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Shinji Kuneoketsu


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PostSubject: Shinji Kuneoketsu   Fri Jul 11, 2008 8:46 am

Name: Shinji Kuneoketsu

Age: 401 years old

Birthday: September 26, 1901

Elements:Dark, Light, Illusion.

Transportation: Walks or uses his ability Flash Step

Family: No

Race: Shinigami(has died once, but can be killed again)

Alignment: Neutral

Weapons:Zapaukto (see agronaut in the weapons section)

Appearance: He has semi long blonde hair. He has blue eyes. You can almost always find him smiling about something mavolently wether t might be a battle or his own insane thoughts. Shinji usual werars a black shirt wiht a a white tie, jacket and pants. sometimes he will Wear a white shirt with a blue and yellow striped tie, with gray pants, and a brown jacket.

Specialties: Are his magical abilities and his swordplay. He is also very fast due to a natural ability he has called shunpo, or flash step. He is usualy using shunpo to travel and will use it in battle for the first strike and then not using until the finishing blow.

Weaknesses: Shinji weakness is most commonly the ladies. when ever he is around a girl not trying to kill him he will be calm and chivalrous. Besides his weakness for the ladies he is very susceptible to ink magic. Thats his weakness because his most of illusion spells can be dispelled by ink spells.

Fighting Style: Shinji utilizes both magic adn sword play when he fights. He will most commonly use an illusion spell at the begining to give him an early advantage and a free shot on his target. He will sometimes toy with his target depending on how easy they are to him, if they are tehn he will let them hit him a couple times bfore annihilating them.

Personality:Shinji personality goes beyond the limit of out going and insane. He will attack someone just for looking at him the wrong way, or will just be obnoxious and annoy everyone. Though he is a very wise man when he wants to be. While in battle he will be one of the most insane people you will ever see. His abilities is what makes him insane in battle since he uses illusions to make his opponent seem like they are the ground during a violent earth quake.

Relationships: Has no relationships or family that is alive

Favorite Food: There is no need to eat since he is a soul, but on aoccasion he will have a rice ball

History: Shinji had been a dead soul wandering the world before the invasion. Unlike most souls that passes on his had unique powers and could be touched and seen by humans as if he was never dead. During the invasion Shinji had sided him self with the neutral because they were in the middle of all the battles and couldn't really defend them selves. Shinji had made his way up the ranks easily by being a battle hero through out the invasion and was eventually named their leader. Until right before the invasion ended the light side had attacked him directly and he sided the neutral with the darkside and helped them to victory. Since then shinji had his area become neutral again. He had been trying to ask the light side for forgiveness and hopefully they would see the reasons why he did so. Other than that Shinji has no plans for war what so ever, rather only to get a suitable army for the neutraal forces set up.


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PostSubject: Re: Shinji Kuneoketsu   Fri Jul 11, 2008 9:17 am

Approved. ^^
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Shinji Kuneoketsu


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PostSubject: Re: Shinji Kuneoketsu   Fri Jul 11, 2008 9:19 am

thak you ^^
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PostSubject: Re: Shinji Kuneoketsu   

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Shinji Kuneoketsu
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