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 The Fallen Angel Hellion

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PostSubject: The Fallen Angel Hellion   Wed Jul 09, 2008 3:46 pm

Name: Hellion

Age: 243(after death, still looks 17)

Birthday:February 10, 2057


Transportation: Flies using his wings.

Family: Hishoro=Brother Natsumi=Wife



Weapons: Xio(A saber)

Appearance: Hellion can change his appearance at will.He is able to do this because of a necklace he was given by Natsumi.He has 7 forms he prefers to be seen in most and is almost always never seen in any other form. He can not change his skin color, which is white, and he cannot hide his wings. Hellion is glad that he cannot hide his wings because if he could he knew that he most likely would.His first form is his teenage form which he doesn't use very often after becoming the Lord of Darkness.His forms signify different things.Teenage means he does not feel like killing today.Graveyard means he is planning an assassination to go into effect.All the rest are mysteries but the pattern still continues.

In his true form he has medium length black hair and yellow eyes he has soft and sleek black wings with white tips.He wears a metal studded collar,the necklace he was given by Natsumi,around his neck.He is skinny and muscular.he is about average height and has a black metal studded belt around his black jeans.

Specialties: Hellion has always had a knack for being a leader.He always led other angels in The Heavens on missions that required large groups. On his first mission he saved his entire groups lives by telling them not to listen to his old leader and to follow him instead and they did.The leader walked along the shortcut road and ended up being crushed by a giant boulder. He is fast and has great defensive skills.When he flies he flies so gracefully that any human who sees him cries at the beauty of it.That's how graceful he has become.He is also well coordinated and always aims carefully before using a throwing weapon.He is the leader of the dark forces and that by itself is a specialty.

Weaknesses: Hellion is not used to talking to people and really has no interest to do so.Is bad with fighting in groups with other humanoid type things. If wings are damaged he cannot fly and is stuck in the battle with no means of escape.If his wings are cut off he dies and is lost to limbo.His weakness mostly in the mental category is being fair to his people.Even if they have completed a mission he gives them a small congratulations,if any. He envies humans because they live a more sheltered life than he could ever dream.That's why he accepted the mission to wipe out most of humanity.In his dark form he cannot fly gracefully, which makes him not like the form at all.He is also somewhat narcissistic and loves himself more than everything except Natsumi and Hishoro.

Fighting Style: Hellion always manages to use all of his assets in battle.Ever since he was young he has had a lot of speed and was always agile.He used his speed most effectively when he tried to save his brother, Hishoro, from the demon possessed bear that attacked them.He is great at dodging and attacks at high speed rates.His blocking is magnificent and he usually manages to defeat people with spears quite easily.Also, when he flies, he flies with the all of the gracefulness in the world.He takes great pride in being so graceful.He likes to use his skills and spells to his advantage as well. His summon, Fallen Barrage, really helps getting him out of a tight spot quickly.When his dark form changes he attacks much more heavily but doesn't block any attacks.His speed also increases dramatically but his flight is not anywhere near as graceful as it was before the form.

Personality: Hellion is cold to all that come in contact with him.He tends not to talk very much and when he does talk it is a very short speech or less than a sentence. He loves killing and kills every person who dares to defy him in even the smallest way. He only cares about his brother and Natsumi,his wife,out of everyone alive.He is narcissistic and loves to look at himself in mirrors.His thrown room is full of mirrors covering the walls and hanging from hooks on the ceiling.He also always carries his own personal hand mirror around. Hellion does not ever want to like someone again because Natsumi was taken from him as well as Hishoro and Atsuki,the only human he ever liked. He swore that no matter what he would avenge Atsuki and save Natsumi.He is a man of his words and always fulfills his promises.

Relationships:Married to Natsumi.

Favorite Food: Hellion loves shrimp and cocktail sauce and keeps a platter full of it all on the table next to his throne.

History: Hellion used to live a normal human life with a normal family.He had a brother and sister, and his mom and dad. But then he died a premature age when he and his brother Hishoro were out hunting.A bear attacked him and his brother viciously and mercilessly.The only problem was that it was possessed by a powerful entity and killed them both.If it would not have been possessed they would have lived.His last act as a human was full of valiance.When the bear started to charge at them he jumped in front of the oncoming bear before it could get to his brother and threw his hunting knife at the bear.It hit the bear on the forehead but the bear ran forward with the knife in his head.It mauled and killed them both in a matter of mere seconds.

Hellion woke up to a very sunny sky and green grassy rolling plains.He covered his eyes so that he sun would not shine in them and heard breathing next to him.Hishoro lay next to him peacefully asleep as if nothing had ever happened.A woman(later to be known as Natsumi) was walking across the plains towards him with the wind blowing her hair back.Hellion realized that she had wings and that was when he was finally hit with the realization that he and Hishoro were dead.The woman walked up to him and Hishoro and explained what Hellion had already concluded.Hishoro,who had awoken from his slumber,listened solemnly.She told them that their souls were currently in The Heavens.She guided Hellion and Hishoro in the ways of Heaven and soon Hellion had married her.On the wedding day,instead of a ring,Natsumi gave Hellion a necklace that let him change his appearance on a whim.She gave it to him and told him that he had to stay his normal self until she was not around.He followed this rule without any complaint.

Then,one day,someone stole the holy book of The Heavens and the court blamed Natsumi. Hellion was away trying to negotiate lower prices on goods for trade with Heaven and Limbo when this happened.When he got back Hishoro told him Natsumi had been sent to Hell and was never allowed back.Hellion argued with the elders but none of them would listen to him.So,one night, he broke into the forbidden weapons vault and stole the twin sabers Xio and Chaos.Xio was the god of Limbos first weapon ever that was specially crafted with the perfect curse on it.Chaos was The Dark Lords favorite weapon that had been taken during the last war between The Heavens and The Underworld.He killed the guards to The Nameless One's throne room and went to his private sleeping quarters.He held Xio up to The Nameless ones throat and whispered, "If you do not bring the only thing back I could never stand to lose,you will lose your head!She was the nectar of my world,DAMN YOU!"Of course he didn't even get an answer and found himself back on Earth.He tried to return to The Heavens and couldn't,so he decided to search for an entrance to The Underworld.

On his travels he found Atsuki and decided to travel with him so that Atsuki could show him how the world had changed while he was gone.Atsuki grew to be the only mortal Hellion ever trusted.Atsuki had not shown fear the first time he saw Hellion's wings, but pure amazement and awe in its place.Atsuki and Hellion eventually found talk of another person with wings in the area and decided that they should definitely go and investigate.The search continued until they found the dead body of the angel in question.She had been ripped open and her insides torn out.Hellion thought it was probably the work of a demon.Atsuki went closer to investigate the body and was terrified when the angel rose up from the ground.Helion tried to help Atsuki but could not make it in time and Atsuki was ripped in half and was decapitated and his soul devoured by the demon.Hellon went back to town and cried feeling worthless and defeated.Now Hellion needs to reach The Underworld for 2 reasons:
1.find Natsumi and bring her back to him.
2.Kill the demon that brutally murdered Atsuki.

He made a deal with the forces of darkness that had heard of his quest and was promised access to The Underworld if he could accomplish his goal.All he had to do was finish off the rest of humanity stil dwelling on Earth, or make them join the darkness.Unless they were already of the darkness then they were allowed to live.Once every person was dead he would be granted his wish. Hellion spent years working on a tower and finally completed it. The dark forces sent him minions and monsters to help him finish the job.

Pictures:Graveyard Form:
Lonely Form:
Droid Form:
(Most Used)Dark Lord Form:
Nobility Form:
True Form:
Teenage Form:

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PostSubject: Re: The Fallen Angel Hellion   Thu Jul 10, 2008 5:22 am

Humm...The only thing I have to say is in appearance...you do not actually speak much of it...teehee...So what does he look like in his true form, or most common form, that way people have a better idea. ^^
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PostSubject: Re: The Fallen Angel Hellion   Thu Jul 10, 2008 5:31 am

good point Smile i also need to add the elements so thank you very much Smile
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PostSubject: Re: The Fallen Angel Hellion   Fri Jul 11, 2008 9:49 am

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PostSubject: Re: The Fallen Angel Hellion   

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The Fallen Angel Hellion
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